Halloween Arkanoid 2

Everyone know this legendary game. Arkanoid was one of most famous games. Now Arkanoid came back on mobile and desktop with beautiful design and epic game features!

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Get it on Google Play


150+ unique levels

10 amazing locations like cementery, dark castle, farm and more

80+ types of bricks and awesome powerups

 Fight against 10 epic bosses

Stunning graphics, ultimate destruction!

Online leadboard and perfect Halloween mood

Steam curators feedback

The Gaming Den

A breakout-genre game with 150 levels. With mouse and keyboard control, includes 3 skill levels, and powerups beyond imagining! Great price for so much content.

Games without Borders

Halloween Arkanoid 2 is a classic and colorful brick breaker game with a pretty halloween theme. Lot of content (+150 levels), cool powerup and some original boss to fight! A good game.

Worldwide Reviews

A good brick breaker game with nice graphics, 150 levels, epic bosses, and power ups! The gameplay is fast, intense, with fun destruction, so you can enjoy it. Every 15th level has a boss.

Gaming Grandma

Brick Breaker Halloween is a classic arkanoid/breakout indie game with a lot of levels, good control (kb or mouse), unlock powerups and beat some original bosses, fine for a couple of hours.

Press Y to retry

Halloween Arkanoid 2 is a great tribute to halloween and arkanoid games, finnish over 150 unique levels all halloween themed and destroy the whole field with the help of your superstrong power ups


A simple but nice indie game. You can switch between using the mouse or keyboard to control the paddle through the setup screen.

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Červenec 11, 2018